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Haga Haga, Wild Coast

Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas

Haga Haga, Wild Coast - Accommodation

Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas rating

Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas in Haga Haga

If the fragrance of wild flowers, birdwatching, fishing, shell collecting, long beach walks and magnificent scenery is your idea of quality holiday times, then this is the place for you.

Personalised hospitality, excellent cuisine, congenial atmosphere and romantic evenings are the trademark of this renowned establishment, where the mystical Indian Ocean passionately kisses the rugged Wild Coast. We offer excellent amenities for adults and children alike, including a pool and tennis court on the beach to compliment the sea-facing rooms.

And to cap an already remarkable experience, the superb weekly seafood gourmet extravaganza really sets this resort hotel apart from the rest.

Facilities & Activities nearby:

Facilities available at Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas,Haga Haga, Wild Coast

  • Airport Shuttle
  • Braai/Barbecue
  • Credit Card Facilities
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Parking on Premises
  • Restaurant on Premises
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wheelchair Enabled
  • Wi-Fi
Activities Nearby
  • Bird Watching
  • Canoeing / Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Horse Riding
  • Paddling - Canoeing
  • Walking

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Directions to Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas

Map of Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas in Haga Haga, Wild Coast


GPS Co-Ordinates: 28° 14' 57.6" E / 32° 45' 50.5" S

By Car / Driving

Driving to Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas in Haga Haga, Wild Coast

Departing: East London Airport
Address: Settlers Way, East London, 5200, South Africa
Distance: 15.0 km / Duration: 1 hour 8 mins
1.Head east0.3 km
2.Turn left onto Settlers Way/R72
Continue to follow R72
8.0 km
3.At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Fleet St/R720.2 km
4.Turn left onto Cambridge St0.8 km
5.Cambridge St turns right and becomes Commercial Rd1.0 km
6.Turn left onto Fitzpatrick Rd/R72
Continue to follow R72
5.4 km
7.Turn right to merge onto N2 toward Mthatha34.3 km
8.Turn right onto R34910.8 km
9.Turn right
Destination will be on the right
15.0 km

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East London Airport - East London

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East London Airport welcomes 346 000 people each year and is a busy yet small national airport that has around 25 flights a day. The creation of the airport was in 1927 with a municipal aerodrome at Woodbrook, it moved several times and in 1965 the airport was moved for the last time to its present location, only 10 kilometres from East London’s city centre.

Reviews for Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas

"no Title"

Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas rating

The hotel is perfectly situated right on the beach so you can watch the sea from your window and maybe even spot some whales or dolphins that seem to frequent the area. Access to the beach is quick and easy even for disabled or elderly people. There are plenty of beautiful shells to collect and it is safe to walk even out of sight of the hotel. The hotel itself has some great facilities such as a swimming pool, kids playground, volleyball net, pool tables and dart boards for entertainment. Our family stayed in a self catering Cabana and really enjoyed our stay there. It was so nice to just get away and relax at the seaside.

review by Shelby Rothmann

"no Title"

Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas rating

This hotel has unfortunately lived through it's prime years. In much need of a full restoration/renovation. We had a terrible experience where toilets leaked and flooded the floors in all 3 units we had. Service man attempted and broke one toilet in one of the units. Geysers are switched off during the day so you can't go swim and expect to shower unless pre_arranged. Lights switched off at night, so you have to use a kerosene lamp. Renovations taking place in the units above had drilling take place throughout the day. There was no peace nor quiet. We were even rudely interrupted by another cleaner that had dropped his phone through a vent from the upstairs unit. Cleaning staff arrived unannounced at their own times, and left no towels . Was told that they were on a tea break, so I should wait until they arrive...this, after we had gone for a swim. So couldn't shower until they arrived with towels. No value for Money Spent. If they wish to charge at rates of other hotels, they need to provide the required service. Only good sea views.

review by Julian Poovan

"no Title"

Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas rating

Excellent food... Friendly staff, beautiful, clean linen and units...beautiful views... I would highly recommend this venue..

review by noeleen viljoen

"no Title"

Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas rating

Peggy as she was know was a middle aged Africans woman who would meet visitors at reception of the Haga Haga Hotel. She claimed indirectly she was a co-proprietor & requested we hand in our valuables and cash for safekeeping as they have had a number of robberies. She then refused returning said cash only help for safekeeping no related to the hotel account whatsoever. The matter is with the local police.

review by Durban Poison

"no Title"

Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas rating

An incredible weekend. Nothing was too much trouble. The food top class. The rooms clean. The views amazing. The staff friendly. What more could one ask for, for a weekend away. Thank you.

review by Sharon Woods

"no Title"

Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas rating

It's been over 2 years and the propieter & individual who I handed ZAR 3000.00 for safekeepingin on her advice! My money has not been returned!!?? Plus the incident has been minimised and denied regarding the theft of my MIUI smartphone, 3x shoes, power surge cable, external memory the list goes on! The theft was to my knowledge commited by an imaginary employee The porter an employee of the Haga Haga Hotel. I believe this porter or employee was a fabrication the truth was they grabbed a guy walking past the hotel claiming he was an employee. When I arrived at my allocated room my luggage was torn apart outside the locked door. He had vanished not even waiting a few minutes to recieve his tip. I had mentioned. I believe ZAR 100.00 was more than fare for assisting me with my luggage. I handed him ZAR 50.00 as that was all the cash I had on me the remaining ZAR 50.00 had to be retrieved from one of my bags.The lovely lady who had directed me to the room & provided the key was not given any money as claimed by the propieter. I questioned the legality of the S/T unit that I was interested in purchasing! I believe I not only had the right to request formal plans signed by council but if I purchased the unit without requesting these documents then I would indeed have been the retarded idiot as the Haga Haga Hotel propieter addressed an email that was recieved by my employer. I have the email and shall be publishing it as it proves that my funds had undead been stolen & the terms used are I believe grounds for legal action. I quote 'Dear fu.kibg idiot' very different from the polite reply to these claims made by the establishment publicly.I am currently enrolled route to this establishment to retrieve my money & to now make good on the criminal case I left unforced after speaking to the local SAPS visited the following morning their advice was to try appeal to the propieter and if they refused to make good on both incidents. I have been patient for a long time and all I have from the propieter is direct and personal abuse. This will not get washed away in the tide as it seems I will be forced to take it up with the police. The email shows this establishments true colours. The MIUI device cost over ZAR 12 000.00 + ZAR 3000.00 + ZAR 9000.00. Then we have the verbal abuse I suffered due to the public email. This huge property development belongs to the BV community as all property along this coast. These plans if passed I believe should be examined by the government. This land like the rest of the wild coast should be returned to the local community. The Eastern Cape arthorities should take a closer look otherwise. This is I believe the reason the propieter behaved so aggressively towards me I simply asked for the documentation anyone would before spending millions of Rand's in a region where every agent has warned me not to purchase as the Risk is too high!

review by Route THC

"no Title"

Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas rating

Very friendly bartenders and a lovely view, although they weren't willing to show the Fifa World cup semi finals, seeing that we were only day visitors and didn't stay overnight.

review by Ruben Lötter

"no Title"

Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas rating

My type of beach hotel. Comfortable, good food and most important great hospitality. Entrance to hotel could however do with a makeover as does not do justice to a lovely hotel

review by Graham du Preez

"no Title"

Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas rating

#oppie plaas #hagahagahotel #ninkynoo's #lovethisplace ... let's do the moo & get the t-shirt xxx

review by Candice Tholet

"no Title"

Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas rating

Haga Haga hotel . Food is really really good. Pizza amazing and stuffed peppers are an experience not to be missed. View is stunning

review by delia rennison

"no Title"

Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas rating

VISITORS TO HAGA HAGA HOTEL, FOR YOUR SAFETY. DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO TOUCH YOUR LUGGAGE. DO NOT GIVE ANY VALUABLES TO MANAGEMENT FOR SAFEKEEPING! I am not a good writer so please do not judge my review by my grammar or spelling!I believe Google are the only organization that have the right to delete posts, if they believe the reviews are false or fabricated. I believe Google has the right to request proof of any kind. I am willing to provide such proof plus, I am happy to state before a judge/under oath what I have claimed herein. For the record I state under oath that money was stolen from me by management. I have proof. I believe when the subpoena arrives for management and staff, the employee/s will tell the truth, once they understand that keeping a job is less important than perjuring themselves in front of a judge. My only concern is poverty and unemployment in this region is very high. (If this happens, I promise to find suitable employment etc.) This will not be made known to the employee at the time of the court case. Management have already admitted to the theft of monies from me! A recording may not be allowed as evidence. I will let you decide if the #HagaHagaHotel is liable. They remain in denial about the employee who stole my valuable items this is after I asked for assistance and explained my luggage contains valuable items; they told me the employee had been with them for 30 years. Only after I got to my room and found the luggage outside the door & valuables missing did I realize that its impossible! (The employee must have been 1 or 2 years old when it started working at the hotel ) I remain under oath, to my knowledge the only explanation for all the items stolen and withholding of the name of the porter, he was no porter and not know to the hotel. The SAPS still wait for his details. I am not a good writer and have no personal grudge against this establishment. I have only written 2-3 negative reviews and 2 out of 3 times I have been threatened both criminally for slander and legally! I must ask myself if publicly referred to as 'Mad' and Retard' is slander? If so then I will add this to the claims against the Haga Haga Hotel.

review by MIUI Africa

"no Title"

Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas rating

Place is wonderful, it doesn't look exactly like the photos but still comfortable! THE ONLY THING IS THAT IT'S A HORRIBLE GRAVEL ROAD!! If I knew I would have taken a higher car but Haga Haga hotel, didn't let me know and acted as if it was my fault that I couldn't smell the roads were gravel, thus I broke the right front upper control arm while hitting an unavoidable ditch at less than 40 k/pH! Besides that the staff are amazing and friendly! The seafood soup is absolutely amazing, best I've ever had! Their seafood is out of this world though!

review by Vicky Smuts

"no Title"

Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas rating

Beautiful place for a relaxing stay. Incredible helpful and friendly staff. Great bed that will ensure a good nights rest, allowing you to wake up refreshed and enjoy the amazing view from your bedroom. The room is comfortable and massive, with a bathroom to match (the one I had was wheelchair friendly, cannot speak about the other rooms). The food was delicious and surprised me, far better than expectedThe previous negative review made initially made me a bit reluctant to book, but after enjoying the weekend I have to totally disagree.I will definitely come back, this time bringing the family to enjoy the views, the walking trails of the area and the hospitality that I experienced. Highly recommended.A note on the hamlet of Haga Haga. This is one of the most beautiful coastal towns I have visited.

review by Morné de Jager

"Hotel is fantastic"

The setting of the hotel is fantastic, the room was good , the staff really tried to accommodate us. The only disappointment was to be offered a pub lunch on Sunday after hanging around for lunch and expecting something more. I could have left earlier and had my choice of Sunday lunch somewhere else.

review by Anonymous, South Africa

"Beautifully Planned"

Everything was beautifully planned and all were so friendly. It gave us most pleasure to have chosen Haga Haga. A special thanks to Neil for the wonderful food and for making us all feel at home.

review by Lucy Karen Greyvenstein, South Africa

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Pricing and Availability for Haga Haga Resort & Self-Catering Cabanas, Haga Haga, Wild Coast


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